The interactive display of geological maps on the Internet facilitates the interpretation and visualization of relevant data. Our customers receive personal access data and can thus view the current status of the terrain work we have carried out at any time.

OpenStreetMap and Google Maps are used as map background. Vector data in the form of points, lines and polygons as well as raster data can be displayed on the map. In addition to the standard symbols, there is also the possibility to use individual symbols.

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The individual layers (geology, topography, water bodies, infrastructure,...) can be activated or deactivated and the integrated measuring tool is suitable for determining lengths and areas on the map. The creation of the maps is done with QGIS and the created WebGIS projects are stored as leaflet projects on GEO-Unterweissacher GmbH's own server. This means that the data remains in-house and is not passed on to external companies.


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