We help you in the search, evaluation and development of mineral raw material deposits:


  • Search of deposits of mineral raw materials
  • Economic evaluation of deposits and deposits
  • Sound basis for decision-making according to JORC & UN-classifications
  • Maximizing profit through proven mining plans
Do you want to know whether there are potentially economically recoverable deposits of mineral raw materials such as gold, iron, manganese or similar in a certain area? Do you operate a mining operation for mineral raw materials in an open pit mine or underground and want to expand reserves or resources and thus operate your business for longer? Do you need a well-founded basis for decision-making on the purchase or non-purchase of a potential mining area?

Your advantages with GEO Unterweissacher:

  • Initial assessment with concept creation: After the initial assessment, you will have a concept with the complete scope of services (trenches, shafts, boreholes, etc.) in your hands. Based on the initial steps in the concept, further assessment steps can then be initiated.
  • Assessment of deposits: You receive an offer to acquire a mineral deposit? We assess mineral deposits worldwide. We provide you with scientific & technically sound analyses. You learn whether the deposit is worth buying or what would be necessary to make it so. You thereby reduce your financial risk.
  • Support from mining concept to closure: If you wish, we can accompany you from the concept phase to the closure of your deposit. This enables us to provide you with the most economically profitable solution for your mining operation.

GEO Unterweissacher helps you with:

  • the search for more high quality material to expand your reserve situation
  • the analysis of the subsurface by direct and indirect methods
  • deciding whether a new project is suitable as a capital investment or not

We know the most common needs and challenges of investors and project managers in corporations: You own or manage existing deposits and want to maintain mining operations with raw materials of the same quality for as long as possible. You need knowledge about the conditions in the subsurface. Or you are planning an expansion of a processing plant or a new project and want to know whether this project is worthwhile.

With our services in exploration geology we specialize in precisely these challenges and problems. We search for and evaluate deposits of mineral raw materials.In doing so, we determine whether it is an economically profitable deposit and classify it according to international standards (JORC, NI 43-101 and UN-codes).

GEO Unterweissacher GmbH is also certified and thus authorized to prepare geological reports for listed companies. We have the technical and professional know-how for this and also provide you with contacts to appropriate, independent Competent Persons for quality audits.

Our GEO Unterweissacher exploration offer for you:

Polarizing microscope in transmitted and reflected light

This allows us to examine rock thin sections and rock sections mineralogically and petrographically for you. You will learn: What kind of rock is it in detail? How are the minerals intergrown? Where are the ore minerals located?

Special software for data evaluation

We use modern software packages for the evaluation of geological and geochemical data. Our experts handle each problem individually and innovatively.

Leica GPS device for precision surveying

We use this precision instrument to measure your excavation area to millimeter accuracy. Soil samples can thus be allocated precisely and in the correct position at any time in space.


We create photogrammetric images in the correct position and in the decimeter range. The images are taken by drone or terrestrially. You will receive a clean documentation, as well as an orthophoto, which will be displayed true to area and angle in the geographic coordinate system.

Geochemical evaluation

Soil and rock samples are taken according to modern standards and sent to accredited laboratories in Germany and abroad.

After receiving the results, they are subjected to a quality assurance process. By means of the added duplicates, standards and blank samples, the results are checked for plausibility.

"Our offer for exploration geology thus minimizes your risk for economically wrong decisions and enables you to operate your plants profitably".
DI Dr Thomas Unterweissacher

CEO, GEO Unterweissacher GmbH

GEO Unterweissacher Services:

Initial telephone consultation

We will explain you as the decision maker about the process and all necessities in detail in advance.

Transparent costs

With us, there is always a clearly itemized and comprehensible offer without hidden costs.

Prompt initial inspection

In justified, urgent cases, projects are handled and prioritized as promptly as possible.

You still have questions? Please contact us!

Our exploration expert:

DI Dr Thomas Unterweissacher
Founder and CEO

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